More than a representative agency, 4 PLAYERS SPORTS is the most respected team in the industry. We will work together for achieve your goals. When a player trust their future with 4PS, it starts a relationship beyond the strictly professional. It starts a personal relationship of trust and loyalty based on the total dedication with a service for 365 days/24 hours a day. With this confidence we make you feel at home.

Your success is also our success. With these accomplishments there is a reflection of the seriousness and professionalism that we have at 4 PLAYERS SPORTS.

Our team of professionals will work every day to exceed your expectations. Helping you gain the most from your sport career. We know it won´t be easy, but with work and perseverance any and everything is possible



General Manager

Abilio Muñoz

Coach Spanish Federation
Degreed in Law and Business Administration from the University of Valencia.
Master in Sports Law from the University of Valencia

Alicia López

Professional experience as a player in: Ros Casares de Valencia, Perfumerías Avenida de Salamanca, Dinamo de Moscú, Wisla Cracovia, Union Saint-Amand Porte du Ainaut…
5 leagues, 4 Spanish Queen Cup , 2 ELW Final Four



Women basketball market is already global. 4 PLAYERS SPORTS has a large group of players who are developing their professional career in the major leagues. We work directly with the best clubs worldwide. We have an extensive network of contacts in different countries which provides our company with an invaluable source of information. Thanks to our partners we are aware of everything concerning to the different leagues.

4 PLAYERS SPORTS USA is the delegation of the company in the United States. We work in two directions: getting the best options for the American players in order to be able to play in the WNBA and the maximazing the sporting careers of our players in the best leagues of the FIBA world, while working together with 4 PLAYERS SPORTS Europe.


360 ICES

Basketball’s ability to leverage information in the marketplace, coupled with our agents’ longstanding relationships with teams, sets us apart and ensures that every client is in the ideal position at the bargaining table. Our experience and expertise will ensure players and their families are in the best position to accomplish their draft goals.

These days, the public image plays an essential role in our society. In 4 PLAYERS SPORTS we take care of every detail, therefore our players reach a professional image in and out the elite basketball. We have the necessary tools to promote them though the media and social networks, keeping the world informed of their development and goals achieved. Bringing the full strength of the agency to bear, we create off-court opportunities in endorsements, speaking engagements and digital content. We work in personal brand development. We help promoting the name of our players and we use their image and join it to the different sports brands, with the corresponding benefit this can generate.



We believe that Women’s basketball is a growing sector. When it comes to 4 PLAYERS SPORTS we believe in it´s future. It´s dynamic nature allows the internationalization by opening borders and allowing to play in different leagues around the world. We are convinced of the serious options of increasing the level of professionalism.

After many years of experience in basketball world, the purpose of 4 PLAYERS SPORTS is to represent the players with a clear professional profile. We understand the importance of a professional and personal relationship with our players in order to make them feel fulfilled and advised at all times.

We make it through a full personalized service in which their priorities are always the main focus of our work. We are also in charge of bringing out the best in our players career.